Leybold SGWAU501

Roots vacuum pumps RUVAC, which are also called Roots blowers, are rotary plunger type pumps where two symmetrically shaped impellors rotate in opposite directions inside the pump housing. Roots pumps are use where great volumns have to be pumped.

Druschke GmbH Vacuum Service reconditioned products:

Through our strict quality management, our Leybold Ruvac WAU501 Roots-blower are guaranteed to be as good as new after refurbishing.

We offer an excellent price-performance ratio without degradation in quality of our Leybold Ruvac WAU501 Roots-blower.

After refurbishing, our Leybold RUVAC WAU501 Roots-blower pumps will:

  • be good as new
  • be checked after the manufacturer's specifications, for example its tolerances
  • be fitted with new wear parts
  • be available at short notice    
  • included one-year warranty