VAC-LUBE Silicon OIL 704 & 705

The VAC-LUBE Silicone oils have been specially developed for the use in diffusion vacuum pumps.
Oils for diffusion pumps have other properties than standard oil for vacuum pumps. Therefore it is also referred as propellant instead of lubricant.
Due to the high temperature and oxidation resistance of the VAC-LUBE Silicone Oil 704 and 705, they are excellent suited for the use in diffusion pumps. By using VAC-LUBE Silicone oils the lifetime of the oil is extended significantly in contrast to mineral oil.

VAC-LUBE Silicon Oil 704 & 705 - Premium-Diffusion-Pump-Oil

VAC-LUBE Silicon Oil 704 packageVAC-LUBE Silicon Oil 704 Order Number
1 kg 30X30005
5 kg 30X30005-1
200 kg 30X30005-2
200 kg 30X30005-3
VAC-LUBE Silicon Oil 705 packageVAC-LUBE Silicon Oil 705 Order Number
1 kg 30X30001
5 kg 30X30002
200 kg 30X30003
200 kg 30X30004

VAC-LUBE Silicon Oil Application Fields

VAC-LUBE Silicone oils have been especially developed for the use in diffusion vacuum pumps. Additionally, it is the first tested diffusion pump oil (propellants) which has been tested in different diffusion pump types and in various industrial applications.

VAC-LUBE silicone oils can be used in all available diffusion vacuum pumps.

These outstanding features are just one of the reasons, why it becomes more popular as an alternative for the standard oil DC 704 and DC 705.



Universal Applicable +

The VAC-LUBE Silicone oils are universal usable propellants for diffusion vacuum pumps. They can be used for any diffusion vacuum pump, independent of the manufacturer.

Long Life +

VAC-LUBE silicone oils offer excellent chemical properties which is the reason for a very long oil life-cycle.

Final Vacuum +

Thanks to the very low vapor pressures of the VAC-LUBE Silicone oils, the vacuum pumps can achieve a final vacuum of up to 10-7mbar. With special ultra-high vacuum technology and by using a liquid-nitrogen-Baffles a final vacuum up to 10-9mbar can be achieved.

Chemically inert, oxidation and heat resistance +

Due to the complex chemical structure of the VAC-LUBE silicone oils a very high resistance to oxidation is achieved. This leads to a very low water absorption when final operating temperature is reached. The complex structure of the oil causes chemical stability and results in an extended oil life-cycle. VAC-LUBE silicone oils do not react with vacuum application usual gases, metals and elastomers. Thanks to the excellent heat resistance of the VAC-LUBE silicone oils they also avoid cracking, the intervals can be extended which saves costs drastically.

Surface Tension +

VAC-LUBE Silicone oils for diffusion pumps have a very high surface tension, thereby back-diffusion (oil is creeping back into the vacuum system) is avoided.

VAC-LUBE Silicon Oils 704 & 705

Physical Properties

Profile / Color Liquid, clear (achromatic) Liquid, clear (achromatic)
Density (25°C) 1.07 g/cm3 1.09 g/cm3
Viscosity (25°C) 39 mm2/s 165-185 mm2/s
Molecular weight 483 547
Boil (°C) >213 >240
Final Pressure (25°C) up to 10-8 mbar up to 10-9 mbar