The VAC-LUBE OIL ONE+ is a high performance oil which is convincing with its cleanness and premium quality. Through the various distillation steps, the highly refined mineral oil ONE+ becomes a clear mineral oil with excellent properties.

Premium Vacuum Pump Mineral Oil

VAC-LUBE ONE + packageOrder Number
1L 30X10001
5L 30X10001-1
20L 30X10001-2
200L 30X10001-3

VAC-LUBE OIL ONE+ Application Fields

The high performance mineral VAC-LUBE ONE+ for vacuum pumps was specially developed for the use in mechanical vacuum pumps such as rotary vane pumps, sliding vane vacuum pumps, Roots vacuum pumps, screw pumps, claw vacuum pumps. Due to the outstanding properties ONE+ can be used in a variety of application fields.



Universal Application +

The VAC-LUBE ONE+ is an oil which is suited for universal use. Manufacturer-Independent, it is suitable for all rotary vane pumps, sliding vane vacuum pumps and Roots vacuum pumps.

Final Vacuum +

Thanks to the purity of VACU-LUBE ONE+ vacuum pumps achieve their final pressure more quick. The final pressure, which is achieved with VACU-LUBE ONE+ is often ten times better than required by the OEM.

Wearout and Corrosion prevention + 

VACU-LUBE ONE+ vacuum pump oil has excellent wearout and corrosion prevention properties. Therefore internal metal surfaces are protected much better from wearout and corrosion compared to standard vacuum pump oil.

Long Life +

The Vacu-LUBE ONE+ vacuum pump oil provides excellent protection against oil aging. By special pre-treatments it has a very low tendency to form sludge and deposits. This leads to an extended oil lifecycle.