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Vacuum pump oil and lubricants are essential resources for vacuum pumps. Since 1992 the Druschke GmbH offers high performance oils for vacuum pumps and vacuum applications.

We offer independent consulting, tailored to the application, different package sizes and a very large portfolio of manufacturers, lubricants and specially qualified high performance oils for vacuum pumps. The vacuum pump oil, also known as "lubricants", is characterized by these five essential functions:

Lubrication - Cooling - Transportation - Sealing - Corrosion Protection

All five functions are very important and distinguish conventional oils from vacuum oils. Only if the oil's properties are matched to these five characteristics, one can speak of a vacuum-suitable oil. We offer the following products and services for vacuum pumps, oils and lubricants:

  • OEM manufacturer vacuum pump oils and lubricants
  • Independent consulting
  • Specially qualified high-performance lubricant, consisting of mineral oil, ester oil, PAO oil, PFPF oil, silicone oil, white oil with superior lubricating properties and a long life-cycle
  • Independent oil analysis

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